5 Best Minion Security Camera Reviews

Minions are undoubtedly the most adorable of all the animated movie characters. Everything that is either a miniature minion or has a picture of a minion on it is like a treat for all the minion fans and is a must-have for them. What else could be better if you can have a mini minion as your solar security camera? Surveillance through an adorable little creature is a perfectly safe way to keep an eye around the surroundings.

If you are a minion-lover and want to have one as your security camera, here are five top picks that are best suited for this purpose:

Despicable Me 3 – Minion Cam (Limited Edition) Review

Besides being visually attractive, this is a wireless and portable security camera that you can place wherever you want and not just one you can put more in the same room. It can easily be adjusted as per your requirements. It is the best gadget to get a high-quality picture. The best feature that makes it distinctive is the HD night vision. You can use it as a nanny cam or can place it in your car, it serves all kinds of surveillance to perfection.

One of the major concerns that people have when it comes to a wireless camera is that how they are going to deal with battery drainage and charging, however, despicable me 3 is devoid of any such issue as it has motion sensors which make it energy-efficient too. Moreover, it is handy to be used, all you need to do is to get an app installed in your smartphone or PC and can effortlessly keep an eye on your territory. This minion cam is best suited for you if you are looking for something affordable and convenient.

Despicable Me 3 – Minion Cam HD (Minion Cam) Review

This one is a complete package and deserves all the hype. Having many innovative features this camera allows you to communicate by using the app or can be connected through Wi-Fi. It will help you solve the mystery of broken vase by providing you tailored footage of your pet and captures all its mischiefs perfectly.

This camera is a treat for minion fans as it has a minion-translator and sound effects, that can let your dream of speaking like a minion come true. 720p HD camera and a crystal-clear night vision makes it the best surveillance gadget. Easy installation and ease of using it make it best suited for surveillance. Free lifetime 1-day cloud storage and motion sensor are an additional perk that makes this mini minion a perfect guard for your home and your loved ones.

Despicable Me Indoor HD Wi-Fi Carl Flexi Cam (Cheerful) Review

Want to know what your furry friend has been up to in your absence? Carl Flexi cam is the best pet-friendly surveillance gadgets. It gives you a reason to smile by using its motion sensors and making a fun video of your pet’s delightful moments with a song in the background. Or additional laughs and to feel the minion’s presence around you can activate minion sound effects and enjoy listening to terms like ‘hey boss’ and ‘banana’ from time to time.

Carl Flexi cam can be easily used remotely via mobile app. Other than a high-quality live-streaming, you can be notified instantly in case of any event that triggers motion sensors. This one is a perfect gadget to monitor your house and pet simultaneously. As its name suggests, it is truly cheerful to have such a ‘minion’ around you!

Stuart Cam HD Wi-Fi Camera Despicable Me Review

Easy to install, easy to use, Stuart cam is a perfect minion safeguard for your home. Many innovative features make it a must-have for you. Being pet-friendly, it gives you snapshots of your pet’s adorable moments by compiling them in a personalized video. Moreover, it allows two communication which means that your pet will not feel home alone, thus making it easy for you to be always around your loved ones.

Replicate the fun by enabling its ‘Minion Voice Modulator’ feature and enjoy the adorable minion voiceovers from time to time. Moreover, it gives you high-quality live streaming and notifies you instantly in case of motion sensor triggering events. Stay safe yet entertained using Stuart cam!

Despicable Me Indoor HD Wi-Fi Stuart Flexi Cam (Mischievous) Review

Want to speak like a minion? Stuart Flexi cam can fulfill your wish. Using a minion translator, you can communicate like a minion. The two-way communication mechanism lets you stay aptly in touch with your homies all day long by merely using an app that connects your cam and phone via wi-fi. For some extra laughs, you can activate minion voiceovers and enjoy listening to them.

The high-quality live streaming and instant notifications about any mischievous events make them best suited for surveillance. They use their motion sensor to capture your pet’s best moments of the day and compile them is a fun video with music in the background and lets you catch up with your pet’s routine. Its flexible stand allows you to put it in any possible direction to capture any despicability in your home. The night vision makes it an amazing safeguard.

Final Words

Minions are ruling the world by coming out from reel to real. Let one or all of these minions take over your house and play a part in keeping you and your loved ones safe. Adorable, handy and efficient are the word that can surely define these five minion security cams perfectly. You can sit back and relax and let the minions keep an eye on your treasures and let you stay connected with those who mean the world to you!

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