What are the names of despicable me minions characters? List with pictures

What are the names of despicable me minions characters exactly? People are always wondering. Most of them are despicable me 2 characters. Let’s know the minion’s names.

“Despicable Me”, “Despicable Me 2”, “Minions” and “Despicable Me 3” – these are the 3D Animated movies got popularity among people where Minions are the most common characters. There are different types of minion characters in these movies. People are much more excited to know the Minions Names List along with their lovely pictures.

Minions Names and Characters Complete List with pictures – Characters From Despicable Me 2

Dave The Minions

Dave Minion

Dave’s body is slim. Dave has flat and center-parted hair. Dave is also familiar as “Bazooka” Dave. He has average minion’s height, 105cm. He loves rockets & missiles and hates to waiting. You can find Dave in this movie when Gru was about to share his latest nefarious scheme, Dave got over-excited and fired his bazooka. It leads to an exploding fountain of minions.

Stuart – The One eyed Minions Name

Stuart Minion

Stuart is a faithful and innocent minion. He has flat and center-parted hair. His body is slim, and his height is 94cm. That means Stuart is the shortest Minion. He loves playing and laughing and hates to be bullied by other minions. Stuart appears in the film during the next moments — While trying to escape from Vector’s house, they ended up inside a dark ventilation shaft. As they needed light, Jerry picked Stuart up and cracked him, turning him into a minion-sized glow stick!

Jerry Minion

Jerry Minion

Jerry is slim and has spiky hair. Jerry’s height is 105cm, which is Minion average. He loves playing and hanging out with Stuart (BFF). Jerry seems to hate Edith mostly, but we are not sure about that. We have seen Jerry in the following situations of the movie — Jerry accompanied Stuart to look after the children while Gru was busy with his master plan. Jerry goes “Whaaaaaaat???” after Edith maligned him in front of Gru when they were all caught playing with the toilet paper.

Jorge – The Fat Minion

Jorge Minion

Jorge is fat. He has standing straight-up hair. His height is 96cm, which is the same as a seated Dave but slightly more than Stuart. He loves making photocopies of his bottom. Jorge is obviously not self-conscious about his waistline at all. In the movie, He was fooling around with Jerry and Stuart on the photocopy machine printing images of his fat and round bottom.

Tim Minion

Tim Minion

You will be amazed that Tim is probably the only minion with a temper and personality. He has a tiny clump of hair. His body is slim. He has a height of 120cm  which makes him the tallest of all minions. He loves to play boss and hates losing and being laughed at. Maybe you have noticed him at the following moments: Tim, Mark, and Phil were sent by Gru to get a unicorn toy for Agnes. Tim appeared to be the leader of the trio and disguised as the father ‘Mien’ as they were shopping at the mall.

Mark Minion

Mark Minion

Mark looks like Dave! Mark can be anybody’s Minion idol. He has flat and center-parted hair. His body is slim and height 105cm that the average minion height. He loves singing. Just find him at the next movie moments — Tim, Mark, and Phil were sent by Gru to get a unicorn toy for Agnes. Mark disguised as the mother and sang her heart out at the karaoke section.

Phil – one-eyed minion

Phil Minion

Phil is the happiest minion. He laughs at just about anything. He has flat and center-parted hair. His height is 95cm, which almost the shortest version of the minions and his body is slim. He most probably loves being kissed by Agnes. You may sometimes get Phil and Stuart mixed up because they look almost the same.

Kevin Minion

Kevin Minion

You will be amazed to know that Kevin holds the dullness World Records for being the smallest minion yet. His hair is flat as well as center-parted. His body is slim. He is 6cm is. He loves Gru most. Kevin also looks like Stuart.

Bob The Minion

Bob Minion

Bob’s hair is Spiky. Just remember the movie moments where he was made to drink an anti-gravity serum and is currently orbiting the Earth.

Jon Minion

Jon Minion

The hair of Jon is flat and center-parted. Catch him in the credits! Jon looks like Stuart!

Kyle – Despicable me dog name

Kyle Minion Dog

Kyle was the pet dog of Gru, appeared in despicable me movie first. Gru introduced Kyle to the girls by saying “Girls, this is Kyle, my dog.” Kyle was so aggressive in the movie that Gru also had trouble controlling the pet. However, fans are confused about “Kyle” that if it is a dog or any other species. Though it’s a funny answer, sometimes it is told that Kyle is a “half dog and half piranha”. Ha Ha Ha…

Infographics of Minion Characters With Minion Names and Pictures

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Video About Minions and Their Names

We also create an animation video to answer the question, “What are the names of despicable me minions characters?” Watch the video and enjoy it. You will love the minions and their names with pictures in the video.

Now it’s your turn to inform us which is your favorite minions characters? Dave or Jerry or Phil – may be any other minion, Share your opinion and don’t forget to tell us why you like it most.

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