20 Most Funny Minion Memes

Minions are very naughty as well as very cute. Their naughty activities and humor have made them unique in the Animation Movie world. From younger to older, they are very dear to any aged audience. We’ve made 20 most funny minion memes. Some of these are ridiculous, some are educational.

No more talkies! Let’s see the memes and enjoy it!

Funny Minion Memes

1. They addressed me as weird. So, I have expanded this WEIRD word to describe me.

2. They have made me angry at all times. So, I have finally decided…

3. I want to be an outstanding guy. 

4. I don’t like math. So, I have sent it this message…

5. What if nothing goes right to you?

6. So, sleeping is not the only reason that makes me fall in love with the pillow.

7. And so, I’m being happy in front of them.

8. So, make your team and enjoy your life.

9. The time has expired to lead a lonely life. 

10. What is friendship?

Birthday Memes

11. Happy Birthday! Your minions love you.

12. I want to live longer. So, I have admitted this minion’s speech.


13. Yes, happy birthday to me!


14. Happy Birthday! The minions have blessed you with this message.


15. Many many returns of the day.



Banana Memes

16. Wow, I haven’t thought like this before. Did you?!

17. Wow, Minions are as sweet as their beloved bananas.


18. Roger that!


19. And human fails, minions win! 

20. SSHH!! Just have a banana!

And that’s it for today. We hope you have enjoyed the memes. Please share it with your friends and also beloved ones.

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