Minion Dog Costumes Review – Best 10 Minion Costumes For Dogs

Most of the minion fans want to decorate their houses with minion costumes. Some of them like to wear minion shirts, dresses, etc. and give their children minion costumes. And some other minions fans who have pet dogs, what will they do? For minion and dog loving people, we have found an excellent dog costume, which will make your pet dog more funny and entertaining. The costume are made especially for dogs.

Features of Despicable Me Minions Dog Costumes

  • The costumes are printed with headpieces and jacket.
  • There are different sizes from which you can choose your favorite one.
  • The costumes are Suitable for Maltese, French Bulldog, Pug, Jack Russell Terrier, Boston Terrier and similar size dogs or animals.
  • The costume includes attractive goggles.
  • You can fits the dimension almost accurate according to your desired size.
  • These costumes makes your dog more gorgeous and attractive.

This awesome minion costume that make for dogs will bring happiness and more fun and your cute puppy will be ready for any types of parties. The costume made by Rubies’ Costume Company who are popular in costumes industry since 1950. You can buy the costume from Amazon.

Top 10 of the Best Minion Dog Costumes Overview Chart

PictureProductWeightFeatureOur Rating
The Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume4 ouncesPrinted headpiece and jacket3.5 Star Rating

Minion Bob Arms Pet Suit

1.6 ouncesstep-in shirt with padded arms3 Star Rating

Minion Costumes Dog Clothes

0.3 ouncesstanding suit4 Star Rating

Cat Apparel Dog Jumpsuit

8 ouncesWarm Fleece Fabric3.4 Star Rating
Minion Superhero Costume2.4 ouncesEach dog Sizing unique 3.9 Star Rating

Minion Stuart Arms Pet Suit

8 ouncesadorable costume 2.9 Star Rating

Two Eyes Minion Costumes

-Two Eyes Minion Costumes4.3 Star Rating
Minion Dog Headpiece8 ouncesYellow knitted hat4.5 Star Rating

Minion Pet Costume

0.3 ouncesBest For Halloween costume 4 Star Rating

Cute Puppy Minions Costume

5.9 ouncesHumanized design4.5 Star Rating

Editor’s Choice: Best Minion Dog Costumes (Picked From Amazon)

Are you a dog lover? I am, and I love to make my dog look cute. Any dog lover will die to make their furry best friend look as cute as they can. Possibly they would clean them every day, keep their fur kempt, and get them a pair or two of dancing shoes, cool! Personally, I would do otherwise. I would simply get my furry pet a lovely costume and the best minion dog costumes have always topped the charts for me.  We took a review of these dog costumes and here are some of the coolest designs that we settle for.

The Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume

Loved the Despicable Me 2 blockbuster? They most definitely you’ll love your dog in this Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume. Printed with a headpiece and a jacket this costume is the perfect fit for a city dog that needs to remain super cool on the back seat of your car.

It comes in many sizes but the most preferred size if the medium size that fits up to 15” neck to tail and 17” chest. The Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume is cool for various dogs but mostly the Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog and many others of the same size.

The item is frequently bought with men or women’s Despicable Me 2 costume to allow both you and your dog to be ready for fun parades, parties, and get together in no time. It weighs 2.6 ounces and measures 11x 4x 17 inches.

  • Very attractive with color and the perfect minion design.
  • It comes in various sizes including extra large and medium.
  • Features the three top Minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.
  • Requires you to measure the size of your dog before ordering.
  • Needs more than a single pair in case one gets dirty.
  • Ideal for specific types of dogs and not all.

Bob Minion Costume

We love cool pet costumes and this one totally rocks! The Rubies Costume Company Minion Bob Arms Pet Suit is one of a kind pet suit. When we bumped on to it, we couldn’t quite fail to notice that the costume was licensed!

Additionally, we loved that fact that the costume featured a step-in shirt with padded arms and an awesome Minion Face headpiece (more specifically – Bob). Our measurements of the costume were not bad either.

The dress is designed to fit small dogs or about 11 inches on the neck and say 14 inches around the chest to the tail! On sampling, we recommended the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Australian Terrier, and Toy Poodle among the rest.

Give your furry pal a cool look with The Rubies Costume Company Minion Bob Arms Pet Suit.

  • It Comes in various sizes including medium and large.
  • Has a customized Bob Minion design for Bob Lovers.
  • Perfect for various events including Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • In the case of wrong measurements could be gruesome.
  • Need more than two pairs in case one gets damaged.
  • Not readily available for every dog breeds that we have.

Cool Dog Costumes

If you want your furry pal to look cute with a single tweak, The NACOCO Pet Clothes Pet Costume Minion Costumes Dog Clothes is the best dig! It comes in a variety of sizes including extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

The costume is also a lightweight, and your dog can feel comfy walking and playing about in it. It weighs just about 0.3 ounces and thus makes one of the unique apparel and accessories for dogs.

By just the mere look of it, we realized that The NACOCO Pet Clothes Pet Costume Minion Costumes Dog Clothes is a great design for any dog owner who wants to add a hot look to an awesomely entertaining touch.

  • It Comes different sizes to choose from.
  • Super cool for almost every type of dog.
  • Gives your pet the perfect minion look.
  • May not be the perfect fit for your dog.
  • Needs another pair to slow the wear and tear.
  • Not so perfect for every weather.

Cat Apparel Dog Jumpsuit

Want to make your dog stand out without even trying? Choose the PAWZ Road Minions Pet Costume Cat Apparel Dog Jumpsuit Soft and Warm 5 Sizes, So Cute, the perfect design for any large dog.

This dog costume is super cool for any pet that measures about 35 centimeters on the back and 48 centimeters along the chest. It is made out of warm fleece fabric that ensures your pet remains warm without any bulky feeling.

We loved it when we first took a look at it as it had thickened lamb wool in the inner parts that left it with an excellent craft. This is the only costume with a cute Minion bag on the back. It also comes with a strong reinforced jeans material on the back legs.

  • The jeans reinforcement adds to its durability.
  • Thickened to keep your pet warm and happy.
  • Machine washable making it easy to care for.
  • May not be the perfect fit for your dog.
  • Needs another pair to slow the wear and tear.
  • Not so perfect for every weather.

Minion Superhero Costume

Give your dog the perfect superhero touch; choose “The Alfie” Pet by Petoga Couture – Superhero Costume Superman. We loved it! This pet costume simply stands out without even a try.

It comes in various sizes including extra-small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. It is ideal for dogs that have 10 – 12 inches sized necks and 11 inches shoulder heights while standing.

Believe it or not but the “TheAlfie” Pet by Petoga Couture – Superhero Costume Superman is the perfect gift for your furry little pal. It is comfortable and super ideal for a weekend party, hangouts, or fun family times.

What kills it the most is that the costume comes in the variety of hues and designs that will simply sweep you away.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and designs for your dog.
  • Easy to wear and remove and entirely washable.
  • The sizing is unique and can be custom designed for any dog.
  • You need two or more just in case one is washed up.
  • Taking exact measurements of your dog is not easy.
  • Doesn’t come with a man or women costume to match it.

Minion Stuart Arms Pet Suit Costume

The Rubies Costume Company Minion Stuart Arms Pet Suit is my best minion dog costume. So don’t be surprised it tops my list. The costume features a pocket on the chest.

It also has a step-in shirt with padded arms. Additionally is a minion headpiece. The best size is the medium size. However, there are other custom sizes including extra small, small, large, and extra large sizes too.

The costume comes in double design with two or more hues that match; the padded arms are black, the step in the shirt is yellow, and blue pants. The added headpiece perfectly fits the many breeds of dogs that we have today.

  • Step-in shirt with padded arms
  • Blue pants with a pocket
  • Different hues to choose from
  • Needs an order placed to get the perfect fit
  • Catches dirt easily if not cleaned properly
  • A little pricey compared to the other costumes

Two Eyes Minion Costumes

Another great set of minion costumes for your dogs. This set is cool for the winter because of these incredible features that it has. The Two Eyes Minion costumes come in a variety of sizes which fits almost any dog.

The sizes of the product include extra small, small, medium, large, and XL. You have a variety of minion eyes to choose from includes Stuart, Bob, and Kevin. And the costumes also come in a variety of colors.

However, it is not ideal for warm weather because of the heavy material. The material is also easy to maintain and keep clean always.

  • Thick fleece material – cool for winter
  • A variety of colors to choose from.
  • Comes with a minion eye of your choice
  • Needs regular maintenance routine.
  • Needs you to measure your dog first.
  • It doesn’t cover the whole pet’s body.

Minion Dog Headpiece

A simple headpiece with a great style this minion cape comes with a Stuart design to choose from for your dog. It has simple but very useful features that your dog will love. It’s a yellow knitted hat with Stuart face design on it.

It is pretty cool for the parade, photo shoots, or a play date. The headpiece is cool for a variety of dog breeds that you love. Some of the breeds that the headpiece suits include: Bull Terrier, Beagle, Schnauzer, Bulldog, and pug among others.

However, the headpiece only comes in limited colors. It also means you have to buy a body costume to go with it. Finally, it has a high headpiece tier that hangs from the dog’s neck and could easily leave it feeling uncomfortable.

  • Knitted from durable material
  • Suits some dog breeds
  • Simple with a lovely Stuart design
  • Buying it means paying extra for a costume
  • Comes in very limited colors to choose.
  • Has a long tie hanging loosely from the neck

Minion Cool Pet Costume

If you need a great dog, costume chooses the best minion dog costume. This one simply fits the drill with these cool features. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit different sizes of dogs – from extra small sizes, small, medium, large, to extra large sizes.

It has a cool pocket designed at the front/ chest where you can easily pack a small brush or comb for your dog’s fur after a cool bath. Design features multi hues that make it unique and easily sets it above the rest of the squad. One features a yellow hood and denim track.

The material is made of fleece from the inside to make it thick and warm. The pants are thinner but with elastic for easy fitting on dogs. It’s pretty perfect for Halloween pranks and other celebrations. However getting a perfect fit is never easy. Measure your dog first.

  • Made of thick and warm material.
  • Pretty affordable and easy to find.
  • Comes in different sizes when ordered.
  • You must put an order first to get the perfect fit.
  • Requires regular cleaning to keep the dirt away.
  • It Doesn’t cover your pet’s entire body.

Cute Puppy Minions Costume

If you love the style, choose this minion dog suit. The best of its kind; the costume has so many cool features to die for. It is made of a variety of hues to choose from including purple and yellow; also comes with a humanized design.

The material is heavy and highly durable makes it pretty ideal for winter as it can keep the dog hot. It comes in a jumpsuit design with different sizes to choose from. The design is comfortable to wear and maintain/ clean.

Your dog will be able to remain warm. However, the costume doesn’t cover the whole body, and it doesn’t come with pockets too. Finally, every costume only comes with one minion character printed on it. It might be Kevin, Bob, or Stuart.

  • Heavy material for the cold winter.
  • Different sizes to choose from too.
  • Different hues to go with for choice.
  • The product doesn’t cover the whole body.
  • Has a hood but not a single pocket.
  • Single minion character printed on it.
Top 5 Considerations To Make Before Buying Any Minion Costumes For Dogs

Our pets are our best friends, and dogs are man’s most loyal comrade. Just like our loved ones, pets and especially dogs need to be cared for and loved too. Apart from just giving them a bath, food, or keeping that fur kept, there are much more excellent ways to show your pets that you love and care for them.

If it’s a dog, only buy them a bone, hell no, just kidding! Well, that should work too. But the one option that floors the rest is buying your canine pal Best Minion Dog Costume. Here is what you should consider before buying dog costume.

The Size of the Dogs

What size if your dog? The size of the dog determines the size of the costume that you intend to buy. You don’t want to buy your dog an oversized dress that will leave them looking shaggy and pretty uncomfortable. Comfort comes first. The dress should be the perfect fit (XS, S, M, L, and XL).

Color of the Costume

I love colors. I bet you do. The color you choose for your dog should make your dog stand out from the rest. Usually, choose colors that you love or the ones that blend well with your styles. For most minion dog costumes, the colors will come in purple, yellow, brown, and black among others.

The Price of the Costume

You can’t spend all your life savings on a dog costume, no, no, and no! To nail the best minion dog costume focus on getting something affordable. Set a budget. Your budget should have the upper and lower limits. Concentrate on a price that falls within the budget range you set too.

The Design of the Costume

I have seen minion dog costumes that come with hoods, caps, and pants among other additions. Going for a fresh design will leave your dog looking super hot. However, choose a design that will easily keep your dog pretty comfortable. A great design equals a great style. Focus on best material for maximum durability.

Keep Any Offers in Mind

Are there any warranties? Do they have a sales bonanza? Are there discounted prices on specific buys? Find out all these so that you can spend as minimal as you can and still have a great buy for your dog. Just remember pricey doesn’t usually mean the best!

Useful Tips That Help You Choose The Best Dog Minion Costumes
  • The Size of Your Dog: Measure the dog’s height, back length, and neck length. This helps you to get the perfect fit costume.
  • Compare the Prices: Before you buy compare different prices to find the best. Comparison helps you to get most affordable.
  • Read Costume Reviews: Find out what other users are saying about the costume. User reviews will present the accurate picture.
  • Look at the Material: Costume material determines the durability and comfort. A warm costume will be ideal for dogs in winter.
  • Ask the Loved Ones: Loved ones have pets ask them about what has worked for them. Start with the closest people around you.
  • Learn More on Costumes: Read more about dog clothes, types, and usage. You will have greater insight on what to pick.
  • Check the Weather/ Climate: Freezing areas and seasons such as the winter require heavy costumes to keep the dog warm.
  • The Main Activity Planned: Are you going to play fetch or jog? Look for something light and free and vice versa if you plan to sit and relax.

Final Words

Dogs, dogs, dogs; who doubts if they aren’t a man’s best friend? I don’t. In fact, from ancient times, dogs have been man’s best friends. And if there were the one way to keep them comfy, it would be to love and care for them. Let your dog buy the minion costume to keep them warm in winter, clean and stunning while on the move, or simply to show them how much you care is an awesome thing to do. Start now and buy your dog the one thing that has eluded them ever since.

To get the best minion dog costume always remembers to have the size of your dog I hand and also make your time to acquire more tips about the best costume designs. If possible ask a loved one to help you in making a choice.

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