20 Funny Minion GIFs

Minions are adorable, as all know. Every single person who has seen them has become a great fan of them. So, we have represented some gif images to you to entertain you. Here are some.

But at first, let this minion say ‘Hello’ to you all. It has just finished its meal and passing by.

  1. The moment, when your exam has been postponed for some days.

2. You know the answer, but the teacher didn’t give you the chance.

3. Boring holidays, pressing the button of the remote controller all day long.

4. ‘A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed’.

5. Never make a hole for others. For it may drop yourself own.

6. Hey, don’t irritate me!

7. I’m not in the mood in giving five to you. Buzz off!

8. That moment, when all of your friends are unite, except one.

9. That funny moment, when your friend reminds you of some old joke.

10. A great joke, that forces your sick friend to laugh.

11. That moment, when you met your childhood friend after a very long time.

12. Your hair is uncombed, and your friend is like…

13. When your favorite football player goals first, you and your friends be like…

14. “Don’t make any chaos minions!”

“Yes, Master!”

15. Awake your frustrate friend like this…

16. Every man should use this kind of opportunity to kick his enemy out!

17. She loves you, but not you are!

18. That moment, when your younger siblings are willing to join your play.

19. The uninvited guests are really a headache.

20. A relief, after a long hot summer rainless day!

So, that’s it friends. Keep in touch with us. And please share our posts with your friends and beloved ones.

Finally, a minion wants to give thanks by kissing. Because they have bothered you, and you haven’t feel bother.