Despicable Me Minion Tic Tacs – Best 10 Tic Tac Reviewed

Minion tic tacs are sweet minion candy that is very much cute and tasty to eat. Minions are the main characters of Despicable Me movie and minions fans love to have these minion tic tacs.

The minions especially Stuart, Kevin, and Bob are the most popular characters in the film. The tic tacs are made based on their face and body structure. These minion tic tacs are so cute that children will get pleasure playing with these instead of eating.

Tic Tacs are some of the coolest munchies anyone could have. Their delectable and nice taste can be an awesome mood booster. Tic Tacs are great for parties, relaxation times, and personal entertainments. They came in various designs, flavors, sizes, and shapes.

I have had the fun of a lifetime with Tic Tacs, and some of my favorites are the Banana Minion Tic Tacs branded with all the minion characters from the Despicable Me blockbuster including Kevin, Bob, and Stuart. If your gal’s birthday party is lacking the fire, pick the banana flavored Tic Tacs and set the groove going. Our Editor sampled some of the nicest Minion Tic Tacs for you.

Top 10 of the Best Minion Tic Tac Overview Chart

ProductsWeightFeaturesOur Rating

Minions Tic Tac Value Pack

1 pounds Cute and yummy 4.8 Star Rating

Minion Bundle, Kevin, Bob and Stuart

12 ounces Yellow, Yummy, Minty Minions4.3 Star Rating
Adorable Minion Tic Tacs0.8 ouncesSuper value pack featuring Bob, Kevin and Stuart4.1 Star Rating
Banana Flavored Minion Tic Tacs12 ouncesBanana Flavored4.3 Star Rating
Yellow and Yummy Tic Tac3.4 ouncesMinions Kevin, Bob, and Stuart4.7 Star Rating

Tic Tac Candy

4.3 ouncesBanana Flavored3.7 Star Rating

Rice Candy

8 ounceslittle faces Yellow, yummy Minions4 Star Rating

Tic Tacs with Bonus Stickers Bundle

12.8 ouncesBANANA Flavored4.5 Star Rating

Raw mango Candy

10.2g (each pack)Raw mango flavoured 4 Star Rating

Banana Minions Mint

3 poundsPlayful Refreshment4.5 Star Rating


Where to buy minion tic tacs

If you want to buy minion tic tacs you can always look through your shopping malls – but that can sometimes get tricky as you could find the tic tacs out of stock. From personal experience, online shops including Amazon will offer some of the most reliable buying places for minion tic tacs.

Distinguishing Considerations That Will Help You

Before buying the minion tic tacs however, there are some considerations that one should make if they want to get the very best choices and also enjoy the value for their money.


Pricing is very important. You don’t want to spend beyond your budget. You also don’t want to buy on impulse. Determine the type of pack you want to buy and how much it costs. Find out if it fits your budget and if you can easily afford it.


If you are going with Despicable Me Minions as I do, there is no beauty as that of savoring the moments when your favorite minion character is right under your tongues, awesome! I love Kevin. But you can also choose Bob or Stuart. Various packs will offer various minions. One value pack even has a mixture of the three.


My favorite minion tic tacs flavor is the banana flavor. There are many other flavors to choose from such as passion and mango; so look for your best flavors. Well, I have tried passion once, and I didn’t like it. That’s why I settled for the banana.


In case you didn’t know, what attracts you the most to your minion packs is how they appear; are they dull, appealing, or highly attractive? If Kevin still possesses his cheeky smile and bob that “innocent” face, perfect you got it. A flat-pack will probably push you away instead of drawing you closer. The Nice package also boosts trust in the brand.


I have experience with this. For the perfect minion, you always want a pack that you could grab on the go. Something cool for family trips, friends get-together parties, and many more fun moments. No doubt portability is key.

Editors Choice: Best Despicable Me Minion Tic Tacs

Minions Tic Tac Value Pack

Ever wanted something so tasty, yummy, and easy to use? The Limited Edition Minions Tic Tac Value Pack Stuart, Kevin & Bob, 12 Pack is the hit. Banana flavored, this Minion Tic Tacs feature the funniest characters of the Despicable Me blockbuster Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

The Minion Tic Tacs is a great mood swinger and goes for a grand bargain in many shops that we visited. The users we interviewed also attested to how delectable the Tic Tacs are. Personally, I loved them, and my plan is to spoil my gal at her next birthday party with a few packs of my own.

If you want to give your gal’s party the hit, pick the Minions Tic Tac Value Pack.

  • They are delicious and come in a cool banana flavor.
  • The weight of the pack is about 1 lbs making it very portable
  • In many shops, they go for under $100 hence quite affordable.
  • Not readily available in many foods and grocery stores.
  • Sometimes comes with only two minions instead of three characters.
  • It could be costly if you want to buy so many for everyone.

Minion Bundle, Kevin, Bob and Stuart

I loved the delicate taste of the yellow, yummy, and minty Minions Tic Tac the Limited Edition Despicable Me Minions Tic Tac, and it was simply out of this world. The packaging was so cool I couldn’t wait to get another pack before they were gone.

Derived from the Despicable Me movie Minion Characters, these minty munchies are the perfect addition to a boring birthday party, hiking weekend, mountaineering adventure, or outdoor camping. It a total mood swinger and a slight taste of Kevin, Stuart, or Bob Tic Tac could send your excitement above the roof.

The 1 oz Tic Tac is a readily available Minion Tic Tac that comes at high weight of just about 0.3 ounces, quite affordable price, and an awesome shape and size leave alone a great flavor and an excellent minion character.

  • Extremely light in weight (0.3 ounces) easy to carry on trips.
  • Quite tasty. It comes in banana flavors and impressive sizes.
  • The coloring is very attractive and the design super cool.
  • Didn’t like the passion fruit flavor taste (hope you like it).
  • The sticker on the pack looks huge – it should be cute.
  • The seal tears off easily – hard to tell if it has been broken before.

Adorable Minion Tic Tacs

A simple description and I would say yummy! The Tic Tac Limited Edition Despicable Me Minion Bundle, Kevin, Bob and Stuart 3.4 oz each swept me off my feet. It came with the three Minion Characters and a great pack to die for.

The variety of fruit flavor that they came in gave me the perfect options to choose from. Trust me getting a super pack is never enough if you love these minty and yummy Tic Tacs. Well, you can’t miss the Limited Edition Minions Kevin, Bob, and Stuart.

I loved the colors and liked the price the most. For less than $60 I was able to grab my favorite packs of three from the Amazon online shop. If you follow my steps, read the user tips before enjoying every one of them.

  • The packs are extremely portable – cool for quick trips.
  • The package is fresh and very attractive to buyers.
  • The different flavors give various options to choose from.
  • Customized packs – you’ll only get one character for every pack.
  • Awesome if you have it for a small group or personal use.
  • Some flavors aren’t so cool – choose along your favorite first.

Banana Flavored Minion Tic Tacs

Now this is the coolest pack for any parent who loves to spoil their kids with a great kiddie’s time. In a pack of 3 the Limited Edition Minions Tic Tac Value 3 Pack: Stuart, Kevin & Bob allow you to save so much and still give your kids a fun filled moments.

One reason this pack will blow you away is simple; it comes in a super value pack that features the three cool Minion Characters derived from the Despicable Me blockbuster Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

So with one single payment, your kid gets to enjoy every Minion Character that they love. My gal only loves them because they are cute. The pack comes in 1 oz for each Minion – Bob, Stuart, and Kevin!

One is never enough! Try them out today and savor in the most delectable Minion Tic Tacs experience.

  • Affordable value packs of 3 featuring every Minion character.
  • Easy to carry around a package. Naturally cool for trips and family.
  • Readily available mainly across online shops such as Amazon.
  • Users say some favors especially passion fruit tastes strange.
  • They are pricey in most shops so check your prices first.
  • It is only cool for Minion lovers and not everyone.

Yellow and Yummy Tic Tac

Tasty yummy minions with yellow faces; that’s what my little gal calls them and trust me they are cute. The Tic Tac Despicable Me Minion Bundle, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart 3.4 oz each is the bomb for any minion lover.

They come in delectable banana flavors, cool packs, and highly affordable prices in case you are the diehard Minion fan. The packaging is flawless and extremely attractive, and once you taste them, one will never be enough!

The product dimensions are just about 4’x 1’ x 2’ and weigh only 3.4 ounces making it very ideal to carry along trips or with your grocery shopping. The minions are also printed on the candy making the candy resemble your favorite minion.

I love them, and all of you will love these candies.

  • Attractive little candies with minion prints.
  • Delectable flavors especially the banana flavor.
  • Cool mood changer and pretty ideal for a gift.
  • Hard to find anywhere.
  • A little pricey for people who don’t adore minions.
  • Cool for only small crowds or small family set ups.

Tic Tac Candy

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin! Who doesn’t love this sweet little genius Despicable Me Minion with two naughty eyes? If you don’t, I’d be damned! I love Kevin and so do I his tic tacs minions especially this banana flavor.

And while this pack is ridiculously cheap, it such a bad thing the minions are so limited you’d never get enough! And while a Kevin Minion hits your tongue all you can think of is how to keep it from running out.

At only 3.4 oz this Limited Edition Minions Tic Tac Candy (3.4 oz)-(Kevin) is portable and can be cool for such on the go moments such as family trips. Well, there are other packs of Bob and Stuart with their faces printed on them.

But either way, these will also offer you the same limited version to only the minion on the pack!

  • Customized with your favorite minion
  • Highly affordable and easy to carry around
  • Offers you an opportunity to buy what you want
  • Pretty limited (one will never be enough)
  • Expensive if you buy more (compared to buying in a pack)
  • Doesn’t come with any gift for the buyer

Rice Candy

If you love tic tacs and have come across the Tic Tac Despicable Me Minion Bundle, Kevin, Bob, and Stuart, 3.4 oz each and A gift Botan Rice Candy you must have struck tic tac gold! Awesome is the perfect word for this.

With a gift Botan Rice Candy, this pack is obviously one of my favorite (my sister loves it too). While it carries all my favorite Despicable Me Minion characters, this pack simply steals the show with the right choice of gift.

Trust me one is never enough. If you want to hit the ground, you must get the pack and add more when you still can. These yellow, yummy, minions with little faces just have all; the perfect match for an awesome time with pals.

  • Cool and attractive package
  • Plus a gift Botan Candy
  • Banana Flavored of the three Minions
  • One pack is never enough (need more tic tacs)
  • Disappears pretty fast from the shelves
  • Slightly too low on the pricing

Tic Tacs with Bonus Stickers Bundle

If you wanted a minion pack that’s so delectable, then hit your online shopping website for the Minions Banana Flavored Tic Tacs with the Bonus Stickers Bundle. I buy mine at Amazon, and the pricing is excellent.

The pack comes with three bottles in total. Every bottle contains one Despicable me the character of Bob, Stuart, and Kevin. Additionally, the pack also has three casual dress up minion stickers! It’s a fresh experience.

The coolest part of all is that each bottle contains about 200 Minions Banana Tic Tacs with minions printed on them. Banana is my favorite. However, the pack has one great turn off. You never know the exact sticker that you would get.

If you knew, you’d be readying your fridge door for a colorful Kevin’s design. All the same, the minion pack is just off the hook!

  • Delicious and come in a refreshing banana flavor.
  • It can be bought together with other mint tic tacs.
  • In many shops, they are quite affordable.
  • Doesn’t give a definite sticker
  • Could be costly if you need many packs
  • The seal tears up easily if you don’t carry well.

Raw Mango Candy

I’ve never tasted the Set of 12 Despicable Me Minion Limited Edition Tic Tac, Raw Mango Candy, but sister has, and she says it’s just delectable. I don’t know about you but if you haven’t you should try it out sometime.

If the flavor is excellent and the minion tic tacs delectable, then that’s just about it! However, one thing I feel isn’t cool about this pack is the limited minion pieces it offers. That’s just not cool! And I would say it again.

Not knowing if you’d ever meet a Kevin, Stuart, or Bob in it can be a great turn off. Additionally, the packaging is boring. No signs of a Despicable Me Minion unless you read the reviews.

Each pack contains 10.2 grams and has new candy and raw mango flavors. The price is slightly on the higher side for a single pack.

  • Very delectable
  • Comes with a combination of minions
  • Super light and easy to carry around
  • The Very poor packaging on the packs.
  • You never know which minion you’d miss
  • A little pricey for a single pack of minions

Banana Minions Mint

Then finally another set of tic tacs that will juice up your day, boost your mood, and leave you feeling very lively is the Tic Tac Banana Minions Mint, 1 Ounce, 36 per case. Special as it may sound, this minion pack can be tailored just for you.

It weighs one ounce and carries 36 minions in every case. One great advantage that this set of minions have over the rest is, you can put in a special order. Imagine getting your minion pack with every despicable me character of your choice.

Rolling out no one else but Bob, Stuart, or Kevin? Or having every case mixed in your ration and quantity? Awesome! The Tic Tac Banana Minions Mint, 1 Ounce, 36 per case offers you the one thing that no one else can a personal touch in ratio, despicable me character, and flavor!

  • It offers you a great number of minion tic tacs to satisfy your desire.
  • It offers you the choice to choose the ratio and flavor that you need.
  • Very ideal for trips and family gatherings.
  • A little pricey but cool being that it’s a special order.
  • Slightly weight than the other packs that we have seen.
  • You could lose the craving as you already know what you have.

Final Words

Minions Tic Tacs, one of the most delectable munchies you could ever have. They come various flavors including mint, mango, passion, and bananas. Buying minion tic tacs is as simple as searching the web and buying from online shops. Buy your minion tics tacs today, from the comfort of your home.

There so many munchies that you could buy today and still crave for more; but trust me few can compare to the minion tic tacs. I really-really love tic tacs but ever since I discovered the minion tic tacs I haven’t looked away one bit.
If you want something quite tasty, cool for birthday gifts, readily available on the best online shops, and quite affordable for your budget, try out the Best Minion Tic Tacs featuring Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. They have a variety of flavors, tasty, yummy, and easy to carry around.

Be Happy with Minions Tic Tacs!

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